Friday, July 12, 2010
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Features General: * Multi-Language support (English, Spanish) * PHP5 and MySQL5 powered * Ajax powered * Built-in ORM * Built-in forum * Automated installation process * Ability to post replies * Ability to collect public vote (up or down) * Categories: Question, Idea, Compliment, and Problem * Secured admin panel * Collective user system * User rating collection at end of new feed * A new implementation of color captcha * Call IdeaFeed through custom element (i.e. link, div, span, *any element) * Management of the system with staff accounts, permission-based * Staff identified posting * File attachments * Best Answers by voting up/down * Post editing * Email subscription * Take screenshot of webpage with user highlighting * Private posting and forced interaction between staff & author * Subdomain feature w/Admin management * Post flagging system w/management * "Best Answer" & "Community's Choice" markers * Reply-to using hash/indicator * IdeaFeed modal embeddable on page * SSO Services (Google, Facebook, Windows Live, * Emoticons * SEO Friendly * Fully Responsive * Theme customization Administration: * Extensive statistical information * Staff management system * Feed management system * Post management system * User management system * Enable or disable system * Ability to control which pages to display feedback button * Easy language selection * SSO Management * Excel export * Control email notification of new feeds * Control automatic activation of feeds and posts * Control whether or not to automatically start IdeaFeed button * Configure start delay time * Configure screenshot option * Configure private posting option * Customize title of feedback modal * Customize button position * Customize button text * Customize button foreground & background colors * Customize button radius * Customize button's special border This product is FREE! Click Here to download.

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